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www.goldpara.com that is reflected prices constantly at free exchange rate and gold market in İstanbul Grand Bazaar is first active web site. Our web site was published in 2000. Founder of web site is Mehmet Ali Yıldırımtürk who is working as money changer and jeweler at finance sector from 1970. In the meantime, he is started to tell his knowledge about sector and Money markets on www.goldpara.com with precious members. As appropriate to improvements and changes on Turkey economy he is aimed to service better by expanding web site’s capacity in 2006 with its new review. 
On www.goldpara.com that is reached portal quality, you can find world’s parities about important currency; precious mine prices; oil’s international market prices; economic datas, news and comments about foreign markets; exchange rates, interests, fund prices at interbank market; foreign exchange rate list from currency office; investment vehicles’ prices that is occured on IMKB and Istanbul Gold Exchange; account prices that are effected transactions on Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TurkDex) as well as free market exchange rate and gold prices. Also, you can take advantage of graphics about gold and parities that are tended technical analysis. 
You can find gold, exchange rate and sarrafiye gold prices that are occured in Grand Bazaar, news about sector, basics. Also, you can find economic datas and improvements about domestic markets. Other facility of web site, it has had a file that is occured from daily, monthly and annually gold and foreign exchange rates since 1950. Also, you can watched IMKB closing datas by floating band. You can find expert comments about investment vehicles that will provide you to make a good decision about economic improvements, transactions on market and your investments. For more services and other pages except home page we asked 50 liras monthly as subscription fee. 
We made a principle to communicate Money market information as well, fastly by progressing more and more. We believe that you will mention our website and you will prompt them to join our members. Thanks for you prefer us. 
Faithfully yours, 
www.goldpara.com editor and employees
Contact information:
Mehmet Altın Trading Limited Company 
Ağa Sokak No:45-47 Kapalıçarşı Eminönü/ İstanbul- TÜRKİYE
Telephone: 0(212) 5193200 - 0(212) 5276258
Fax: 0(212) 5127315
e-mail: [email protected] - [email protected]

Who is Mehmet Ali YıldırımTürk?
He was born in Denizli in 1949. He has completed primary and secondary education in this city. He has taken a ticket at the İstanbul Yıldız Teknik High School Electrical Department in 1968. Then, he has graduated as electrical engineer from Academy of Yıldız Architecture and Engineering. Works about gold and money markets that he has started during high education has continued at Money Dealer and Jewellery store as partner in Grand Bazaar after millitary duty. In 1997 he has founded his company that is called as “Mehmet Altın Trading Limited Company”. He has stil continued his commercial actions here. 
He shares experiences about Money markets on www.goldpara.com web site from 2000. This site is only active site of free foreign exchange and gold market in Grand Bazaar. 
Since 1999, he has presented weekly economy programme, daily market comments in radios and television channels. And he works as newspaper columnist in Zaman. Also, he is editor of “Daily Gold and Foreign Exchange Bulletin”. He has published a book that is called “Bizim Wall Streed” from pocket  series of 2001 year and another book about Grand Bazaar Free Foreign Exchange and Gold market. He has done newspaper columnist at several weekly and monthly economy magazines. He has made comments on panels. He can speak English and German. He is married and has one child. 
Gold and Money Markets Expert
Zaman Gazetesi Economy Newspaper Columnist
Executive Editor and Owner of www.goldpara.com 



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